OpenSource Project JWORK_OSGI


1) Collect some useful java libraries or components, and package them into OSGI bundles.

2) Try to package JNDI,JMX,Web Container, JCA Container etc into OSGI bundles, then DIY an Application Server.

3) Make it possible to pacakge J2EE application into bundles, instead of deploy them to a special application server.

4) Try to make the bundles replaceable. For example, you can switch Web Container from Jetty to Tomcat, just replace a bundle, the application will not be changed.

Current Plan:

OSGI Frmaework:

Service Bundles:

Library Bundles:

Application Bundles:


Any suggestion or help please contact:

Wang ZhengPing

Change log

2008-3-4 Created project of

2008-3-5 Upload v0.1